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501 Stripper

501 Stripper is a highly concentrated, powerful, non-ammoniated wax and emulsion floor polish stripper.

Product Description

501 Stripper is a heavy duty, ammonia free, floor polish stripper. The product emulsifies polish for its subsequent removal.

501 Stripper is suitable for most surfaces including terrazzo, marble, sealed wood, vinyl, rubber and tiles.

501 Stripper can be used at concentrations suitable to remove the polish so a patch test should be performed against a wall where the least wear and maximum build up of polish has occurred. Concentrations varying from 10% to 50% diluted, preferably, in hot water. Use the lowest concentration that removes polish easily in a reasonable time period. Once dilution rate established liberally apply to surface and leave for 5-10 minutes.

For removal of light polish coatings mopping is, normally, sufficient, for heavier coatings a scrubbing or scouring machine may be required. remove all dissolved residues with mop or suction machine, rinse thoroughly with clean water. Once dry apply polish.

Although caustic free, 501 Stripper is high in alkaline and contains a powerful degreaser. Care should be taken when using this product to ensure no contact with skin or eyes by wearing suitable, personal protection equipment.

Packaging: 5 Lits

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