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Alkalinity Control

Concentrated liquid alkaline product for corrosion and deposit control in boilers.

Product Description

Alkalinity Control is a convenient liquid treatment which provides the basic alkalinity on which successful water treatment depends.

Without the correct precipitation and subsequent blowdown of hard water salt, scale deposits would form. This would result in restriction in water flow, ineffective heat transfer and local corrosion. The end effect would be an inefficient boiler and ultimately component failure. Treatment with Alkalinity Control prevents this occurring due to the neutralisation of acid conditions.

Using Alkalinity Control allows efficiency to be maintained and, therefore, reduces maintenance, providing optimum conditions for hardness control to function. The product can be mixed with most treatment chemicals.

Alkalinity Control will, also, assist in keeping silica in suspension and only requires a simple test to determine the level of treatment.

Packaging: 25 and 205 Lits

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