AntiFoulant Plus

A extremely effective, liquid, antifouling corrosion inhibitor, effective against bacterial growths such as algae, shellfish, micro organisms and fungal growth in marine seawater cooling systems.

The broad spectrum biocide has been carefully formulated to deal with the lower forms of life responsible for the fouling of seawater systems and animal environments while remaining relatively harmless to higher life forms.

Antifoulant will kill the bacteria associated with the slime in fresh water and salt water and surface organisms. It will deal with mussels and other mollusc and their spats.

The other area of action for Antifoulant is in corrosion inhibition. A protective molecular film is formed on the surfaces treated providing a barrier against corrosion. The long chain amine molecules in Antifoulant will neutralise the acid conditions which allow corrosion to start thus reducing maintenance and down time.

Some examples of applications are: static ballast tanks, seawater systems incl. filter boxes and piping, stability trimming tanks, bilges, oil rig sea legs, engine closed-recirculation cooling water systems, lubricating and fueloil systems contaminated with water and general disinfection.

Packaging: 25 and 205 Lits