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Bio Clean

Performance Bio Clean is a fully biodegradable stain, odour and waste treatment.

Product Description

Once applied Bio Cleans billions of harmless micro-organisms digest the soiling which other bacteria can feed on It is the action of these other bacteria that cause the mal-odours often associated with dirty drains, toilets and soiled furnishings.

Conventional chemical cleaning cannot remove organic soiling from within the pile of furnishings and carpet, or concrete tile and grouting, these products can only clean the surface.

There are no harmful or dangerous bacteria in Bio Clean, its power is achieved by utilising all natural micro organisms.

These harmless microbes act as a powerful cleaning tool to digest organic matter and because of the natural ingredients in Bio Clean it is unlikely to cause harm to user, equipment or the environment and is, therefore, especially suitable for use in hospitals, schools and institutions were care in the selection of safe cleaning agents is important.

Applications include: Garbage and waste collection areas – masking and eliminating odours.
Toilets and showers, sinks and drains, general hard surface cleaning, carpets and upholstery.

The gentle biological cleaner can be used on all washable surfaces contaminated with urine, vomit, dairy products, fat, greases, fruit juices, pet or baby food and faeces.

Packaging: 1 Lit Bottles

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