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A viscous, acidic toilet cleaner and descaler

Product Description

BowlFresh is phosphoric acid based and is primarily supplied for deep cleaning and decaling toilets. Other used include restoration of glazed surfaces, baths, basins, concrete and terrazzo. BowlFresh will also remove rust, clean and brighten aluminium and stainless steel. The product is fast and effective.

BowlFresh has been used successfully for the removal of limescale and water staining from vertical and sloping surfaces such as escalators and cladding where its gel formulation is ideal for clinging to the surface.

Safety precautions need to be observed, see data sheet and MSDS for health and safety advice

BowlFresh is supplied as Boxes of 12 X 1 Lits, 4 X 5 Lits and 25 Lits Drums.

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