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A naturally derived, biodegradable solvent obtained from citrus peel.

Product Description


Citrosolve principally consists of a naturally derived, biodegradable solvent obtained from citrus peel.

The product is a colourless/yellow clear liquid with a citrus odour. Citrosolve successfully replaces

Chewing Gum removers based on ozone depleting products.


Citrosolve can be used to remove chewing gum from floors, walls and seat covers etc. The product

is also effective at removing adhesive residues (from posters/self adhesive labels) and footwear scuff


Citrosolve will not degrade metal, wooden or concrete surfaces. Care should be taken when used on

rubber, plastic or painted surfaces. To prevent damage to these surfaces avoid prolonged contact,

and wash surfaces after use.

Successful trials have been carried out with Citrosolve when used on concrete and rubber floorings

and when used to remove chewing gum and adhesive residues from metal surfaces of vehicles.


Always trial a test patch before extensive use on any surface. It is suggested that the user removes

as much chewing gum/adhesive as possible with a plastic scraper and then uses citrosolve to remove

the remainder. Apply by cloth, cotton swab, paper towel or spray. Wash surfaces after use to

remove any solvent residue.

For glue / adhesive and rubber marks spray or wipe on with a cloth, rub gently, then wipe / rinse off.


Citrosolve has a flashpoint of 490C and is classified as flammable. Store away from sources of heat

or naked flames. Do not smoke when using Citrosolve. Avoid breathing mists or sprays. Use in a

well ventilated area. Avoid contact with skin or eyes. Wear suitable protective clothing. If

inadvertent skin or eye contact should occur, wash/irrigate immediately with plenty of water. For

detailed health and safety information, request a hazard data sheet.

PACKAGING 5 litre drums and 750ml trigger sprays.

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