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Condensate Control

Liquid condensate control for boiler systems.
Concentrated liquid neutralisation agent for corrosion control in condensate and feed water systems

Product Description

CONDENSATE CONTROL is an easy to use, liquid treatment which neutralises the acids occurring in the condensate system. The highly effective product maintains an alkali condition from the condenser onwards, throughout the system.

CONDENSATE CONTROL is a liquid, volatile alkaline amine which neutralises the acid contaminants of condensate and feed water systems, so preventing the acid corrosion of system components. The most common cause of acid corrosion in condensate and feed water systems is carbonic acid, which is the result of dissolved carbon dioxide (CO2) being present in the water. CONDENSATE CONTROL neutralises these acids and maintains the condensate and feedwater in an alkaline condition.

CONDENSATE CONTROL volatilises and carries over with the steam and so is recycled. Dosage is economical and efficient.

When using Condensate Control as part of your normal maintenance care of your boiler or feed water system you will reduce the operating costs and increase the reliability of your system.

CONDENSATE CONTROL can be used in virtually any system requiring protection for acid conditions.

The condensate is tested for pH to determine the dosage level. The minimum pH should be 8.3 the optimum would be between pH 8.5 and 9.0. A typical dosage for an average 10 metric tonne system would be 0.75L/day.

CONDENSATE CONTROL is best dosed using a metering pump or a flow meter arrangement. The treatment can be dosed together with oxygen control.

Suitable dosage points are:-

• Condensate pump discharge.
• Hot well or condensate drain tank (with the feed
line at least 1 meter below the surface)
• Deaerator storage tank.

Packaging: 25 Litres

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