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Deep Clean 4 Gel

Thickened Highly Alkaline Non-caustic Traffic Film and Rust Stain Remover.

Product Description

Gel Deep Clean 4 is a thickened ready to use version of Deep Clean 4. In use it has increased additive levels and the gel ensures the product stays on the surface until the staining is removed.

Performance Deep Clean 4 Gel is a concentrated heavy duty detergent designed for the cleaning of transport vehicles. It contains additives to combat both rust staining (iron oxide) and scale deposits on vehicle paintwork. Deep Clean 4 Gel is specifically designed for use on the exterior of painted LUL rolling stock.

Deep Clean 4 Gel is ideal for use where caustic products and acidic products are unacceptable.


Apply by brush. Allow to dwell on surface for up to 10 minutes, work over with brush and rinse thoroughly.

Packaging: 25 and 205 Litres

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