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Deep Clean 4

Highly Alkaline Non-caustic Traffic Film and Rust Stain Remover

Product Description

Performance Deep Clean 4 is a concentrated heavy duty detergent designed for the cleaning of transport vehicles. It contains additives to combat both rust staining (iron oxide) and scale deposits on vehicle paintwork. Deep Clean 4 was specifically designed for use on the exterior of painted LUL rolling stock.

Deep Clean 4 is ideal for use where caustic products and acidic products are unacceptable..


Apply by steam cleaner, pressure washer or with a brush. Use at between 0.5 and 2% depending on the degree of soiling. Spray on at low pressure (50psi). Work into surface with brush and rinse off at high pressure (1000psi). Deep Clean 4 may be applied through foaming equipment if required.

Approved for use by London Underground

Also available as Deep Clean 4 Gel.

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