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Effervescent Chlorine Tablets

A powerful disinfectant that is a safe alternative to bleach.

Product Description

Effervescent Chlorine tablets provide a powerful disinfectant that will kill bacteria, fungi, viruses and spores.

The tablets provide an easy to use dilution system that eradicates the over dosing that is common with bleach and, more importantly, any under dosing potential. Effervescent Chorine Tablets always yield the stated level of available chlorine, 300 parts per million of available chlorine per lit of water even after 5 years of storage.

Liquid bleach is hazardous to handle, caustic and corrosive, preparing dilutions can cause splashes, chemical burns and damage to clothing. Chlorine Tablets do not spill, splash or leak and exhibit a near neutral PH of 6.5 which means extremely low risk of personal injury.

Strength for strength tablets are more biocidal than liquid bleach because of their PH effect. The amount of chlorine required to kill the same amount of bacteria increases if the PH is high.

Effervescent Chlorine Tablets can be used in any application where sterilisation and disinfecting is required, eg:
Food preparation surfaces
Clean stainless steel instruments
Baby bottles, teats, toys
Dishcloths and mops
WC’s, drains and sinks
General laboratory use
Body fluid spills
Porcelain, glassware, rubber and plastic tubing

Safety precautions need to be observed, see data sheet and MSDS for health and safety advice

Packaging: 250 x 1.1g Tablets (0.5g NaDCC)

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