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Evaporator Treatment

Liquid Evaporator Treatment For Evaporators

Product Description

Evaporator Treatment is a liquid, based on a low molecular weight polyacrylate, which inhibits the formation of carbonate and sulphate scale deposits. In addition Evaporator Treatment will inhibit the deposition of precipitates by keeping them dispersed and conditioned to be removed by blowdown. Evaporator Treatment remains stable at high temperatures and does not hydrolyse and become ineffective. Evaporator Treatment is easy to monitor it requires brine measurements only.

Using Evaporator Treatment results in a reduction of cleaning frequency and, thereby, a reduction in maintenance costs.

Use in conjunction with Performance Chemicals Marine range of boiler water treatments.

Safety precautions need to be observed, see data sheet and MSDS for health and safety advice

25 Litre Drums

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