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Highway Extra

Performance HIGHWAY EXTRA combines deodorant, disinfection and detergent properties in a perfumed water based solution.

Product Description

This product is suitable for use in storage and working areas, cargo containers, office buildings, factory areas, transport vehicles, working surfaces, corridors, lavatories, changing rooms, swimming pool and slipper bath areas, civic buildings, mortuaries, waste disposal units and rubbish chutes etc. These are just some of the many locations in which the deodorant, bacteriocidal and cleansing actions of this product can make a valuable contribution to hygiene.

Odour Control is provided by the incorporation of a deodorant compound, which gives instant and dramatic improvement in odour conditions by neutralising offensive smells.

HIGHWAY EXTRA – incorporates a floral bouquet, which is pleasant, persistent and lingering.

Cleaning is achieved by the incorporation of concentrated detergents which suspend the dirt particles and emulsified oil. Maximum dilution 1:100.

Disinfection is achieved by the incorporation of a bacteriocide. The agent has been shown to be effective against the following:-

• Strep.Faecalis
• Staph.Aureus
• E.Coli
• Kleb.Aerogenes
• Prot.Vulgaris,
• Candida Albicans
• Pseud.Aeruginosa
• Lysteria Monocyt.
• Clost.Welchii
• Strep.Mutams

HIGHWAY EXTRA has achieved success in the Westminster area for cleaning fouled pavements.

Packaging: 5, 25 and 205 Litres

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