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PCS 201

Concentrated Solvent Paint Stripper

Product Description

PCS 201 is a liquid paint stripper for fast removal of highly polymerised modern coatings from metal surfaces. The product contains two activators and inhibitors.

PCS 201 should always be used cold in a mild steel tank and has a wax seal which will settle on the top of the solution to prevent solvent loss. Components should be immersed in the product, below the wax seal, in a wire mesh until the paint has been removed. Components dipped in PCS 201 should be rinsed in water.

PCS 201 will have slight attack on magnesium, zinc, aluminium and their alloys.

PCS 201 is for industrial use only and safety precautions need to be observed, see data sheet and MSDS for health and safety advice.

Packaging: 25 Litre drums. 205 Litre available on request.

PCS201 Datasheet

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