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PCS 202

PCS 202 is a concentrated carbonised oil and paint remover for use in cold tanks.

Product Description

PCS 202 is a concentrated carbonised oil and paint remover formulated for the removal of oil and petroleum products which have been exposed to high temperatures forming a carbonaceous deposit and, also, paint.

PCS202 is a two phase liquid – the lower phase contains a powerful blend of chlorinated tar acid solvents and wetting agents whilst the upper phase contains corrosion inhibitors. Components are immersed in the solvent phase, which loosens deposits and paint films and then withdrawn through the inhibited upper phase. Corrosion of treated parts is minimised.

PCS 202 has a water seal which reduces the solvent loss and minimises vapour levels in the working environment, however, the product can be supplied without the water seal, for this product please see PCS 204.

PCS 202 is suitable for use on all metals in cold, soak tanks and is particularly suited to many reconditioning and maintenance cleaning operations, removing carbon, fuel residues, tar, paint and resin from various engine, machine, motor, compressor and burner components.

Safety precautions need to be observed, see data sheet and MSDS for health and safety advice

Packaging: 25 and 205 Litres

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