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PCS 330


Product Description

PCS 330 is a hot immersion paint stripper which has been developed to overcome the problems associated with methylene chloride based products such as high volatility (b.p 40 ⁰C)

PCS 330 is based on a high boiling point solvent (b.p 200 ⁰C), hence low volatility even when used at 50⁰C, blended with alkaline accelerators and is very effective for the removal of polyester finishes from both ferrous and non-ferrous substances. Despite being alkaline accelerated the non-aqueous nature of the process ensures there is no attack on aluminium parts.

PCS 330 will remove polyester finishes within 5-10 minutes when used as recommended (depending upon coating thickness) and breaks down the paint into fine particles rather than sheets which helps when intricate components are being treated.

PCS 330 is used as supplied and must not be diluted with water.

Operating Conditions
Concentration: Use as supplied.
Temperature: From 30C to 60⁰C
Equipment: Mild steel tank with agitation provided by circulating pump.

Filtration should also be installed to remove particulate matter stripped from the work.
Further details on plant requirements are available upon request from Performance Chemicals Ltd.

Testing and control
Maintain tank level by addition of fresh PCS 330 stripper.

During use the alkaline accelerator will gradually become exhausted necessitating the addition of Performance PCS 330A (additive) to restore the strength. The concentration of the alkali accelerator should be measured regularly and recorded graphically ( if appropriate ) to monitor trends ( SPC, etc. ).

Test concentration of alkali accelerator as follows:

a) Take a 10ml sample of the bath solution ( filtered ).
b) Add 90ml of fully deionised water and mix.
c) Take 10ml of top layer ( should be clear ).
d) Add 50ml of fully deionised water.
e) Add a few ( 4 / 5 ) drops of phenolphthalein indicator.
f) Titrate with 0.1N hydrochloric acid to a clear end point.
g) Record the number of mls of hydrochloric acid used as P.
h) P = Pointage of solution.

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