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Dewatering and corrosion Preventative Fluids.

Product Description


The PDW range of products are specially formulated de-watering solutions finding many applications in the engineering automotive and aerospace industries for ; manufactured parts in transit, temporary protection between operations, moulds, spares and parts in storage, removal of droplets from decorative surfaces.

PDW/S – conforms to milspec-c-16173 Grade 3.
This heavy duty dewatering/protective removes water from metal surfaces and leaves a dry non-tacky deposit for clean handling. The easily removable deposit gives up to 6 months protection when stored internally and up to 1 months protection when stored externally from rust and corrosion. On request batches can be manufactured to include a dye which helps to identify parts which have been treated.

Similar to PDW/S but with less heavy deposit to give up to 3 months internal protection for parts in store or between machining operations etc.

A non-residual dewatering fluid to disperse moisture and droplets of water from decorative plated metal surfaces. A few days of inhibition on steel is obtained between machining operations etc.

The PDW range are used as supplied in immersion tanks made of galvanised steel. Larger objects may be sprayed (not suitable when using PDW/B).

The solution should be placed in a tank, the base of which should be angled at about 350. At its lowest point a tap should be inserted from which water is drawn off at regular intervals to maintain the efficiency of the product. Immerse components in the solution for 5-15 minutes, remove and allow to drain over the tank for a short while. Finally allow components to stand until completely dry, which can take up to 3 hours depending on the product used. Periodically drain-off the water that collects in the bottom of the tank.

Apply the solution with a spray gun to give a liberal coating. If too little is applied by this method the water will not be flushed off the surface, causing further corrosion problems.

Products are flammable, keep away from naked flames or sources of ignition. (Note: The dry films formed are non-flammable). Avoid inhalation, use in well ventilated areas. Wear appropriate protective clothing. Wash off skin contacts with plenty of water. In cases of eye contact irrigate with plenty of clean water and seek medical attention. For detailed health and safety information request hazard data sheets.

25 litre drums.

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