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Performance G1B and G1BS

Performance G1B and G1B/S can be used for removal of tar, grease, carbon and bitumen.

Product Description

Performance G1B is a non-aqueous cleaning and degreasing product containing a blend of terpene and highly refined paraffins as solvents. G1B is not emulsifiable with water and therefore cannot be diluted with water. Performance G1B/S is available which contains a non-ionic surfactant allowing dilution in water.

Performance G1B and G1B/S can be used for removal of tar, grease, carbon and bitumen. They also remove waxes, adhesive, uncured paint and varnish and oil based inks. They assist with the removal of asphalt, creosote, chewing gum, silicon sealants and other mastics. The products can also clean oil from hard surfaces, combustion engines and electric motors. G1B has been successfully trialled for porcelain pot (Electrical Insulator) cleaning.

Always use Performance G1B in its concentrated form. G1B is compatible with most cleaning operations from simple hand swabbing to process cleaning lines (eg hand wiping, parts washers, heated/agitated dip tanks, spray wash tanks, ultrasonic cleaning). Simple in line filtration units, coupled with skimming off surface contamination will enhance the active life of the product.

Performance G1B/S can be used like G1B but can be diluted with water giving greater economy. G1B/S is emulsifiable, after use rinse with water.

Performance G1B and G1B/S are safe to use on metal, concrete and similar surfaces. However some caution should be exercised where plastics are exposed to the products for any length of time. Plastics may swell and distort when in contact with these products for long periods.

Performance G1B and G1B/S are non flammable. However avoid storing these products near naked flames or sources of heat. Do not smoke when handling these products. Avoid inhalation of mists or sprays. Use in well ventilated areas. Avoid contact with skin or eyes. Wear appropriate protective clothing. If splashes should occur wash off skin and irrigate eyes with plenty of clean water. For detailed health and safety information request a hazard data sheet.

25 and 205 litre drums.

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