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PGP 2000

A heavy duty, biodegradable, hard surface cleaner.

Product Description

PGP 2000 is a heavy duty, biodegradable, hard surface cleaner which has been formulated for the cleaning of heavily contaminated floor areas in press shops and machine shops, however, PGP 2000 is suitable for use on a multitude of hard surfaces to remove oil, grease, grime, including plant and machinery.

PGP 2000 is normally used in a floor scrubbing machine at concentrations adjusted to suit the application. For plant and machinery which is coated with stubborn greases, such as molybdenum and graphite based coatings, PGP 2000 can be used neat, brushing and agitating if required and rinsed off with a water jet.

Safety precautions need to be observed, see data sheet and MSDS for health and safety advice

Packaging: 4X5 Lits, 25, 205 and 1000 Litre IBC’s

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