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PGP 500

PGP 500 is a non-caustic, multi purpose cleaner and degreaser.

Product Description

PGP 500 is a non caustic liquid blend of surfactants, alkali and solvent in concentrated form. The product is a powerful, biodegradable degreaser removing dirt from hard surfaces.

PGP 500 is suitable for both domestic and industrial use as an excellent general purpose cleaner, PGP 500, reduces the need to hold inventories of many products.

PGP 500 can be used in a variety of applications to remove grease, grime and traffic film from walls, floors, paintwork, plastic, machinery equipment, engines, tubes, buses, lorry and tanker bodies, pits and underframes plus many more.

PGP 500 is suitable for use in pressure washers, steam cleaners and foaming equipment in applications where some foam or a stable foam is desirable.

Safety precautions need to be observed, see data sheet and MSDS for health and safety advice

Packaging: 5, 25 and 205 Litres

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