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PIP 10

Performance Iron Phosphate, a combined spray cleaner and phosphate process.

Product Description

PIP-10 is a combined spray cleaner/ phosphate process, which is formulated to treat iron and steel surfaces prior to painting or powder coating. The use of PIP-10 will remove light oils and preservatives from pressed and fabricated components and provide an iron phosphate coating, which is an ideal base for organic coatings.

PIP-10 is predominantly used for the treatment of ferrous substrates although up to 20% of aluminium and zinc may be processed without adverse effect. Where high proportions of light alloys are to be treated then PIP-10F should be utilized.

Mild steel process tanks and pipework can be used, although spray nozzles and pump components (impellers) should utilize Stainless steel (grade 316) to prevent excessive erosion.


The PIP-10 process is essentially a 3-stage sequence consisting of the following: –


The normal operating parameters for the PIP-10 process are as follows: –

• Concentration – 12-17 litres PIP-10 / 1000 litres of working solution for spray applications.
• 25-35 litres PIP-10 / 1000 litres of working solution for use by immersion.

Temperature Approximately 30 C by spray Approximately 40 C by immersion

Process time 2 Minutes by spray 5 Minutes by immersion

It should be noted that the above parameters are the average but where higher levels of soiling are encountered it may be necessary to increase concentration, temperature or times to produce optimum results.


Cold water spray rinse for approximately 1 minute. The water quality should be maintained by constantly overflowing the rinse.


The use of a final seal, PIP-Seal will enhance the protective properties of the phosphate coating , the work should then be thoroughly oven dried.


Take a 10ml sample of the working solution, add a few drops of Phenolphthalein indicator and then titrate with 0.1 M Sodium Hydroxide solution to a pink end point.

A solution, which has been made up as per the above instructions, will titrate as follows: –

Spray 5 ml titre 15 litres / 1000 litres

Immersion 10ml titre  30 litres / 1000 litres

Replenishment should be made on a pro-rata basis in order to maintain the solution concentration within the required parameters.

It should also be noted that as oil and grease is removed from the components then a separation on the top of the PIP-10 tank will be noticed and this should be removed on a regular basis by skimming off.

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