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Portable toilet sanitary fluid additive.

Product Description

Portaloo is a highly active, concentrated chemical toilet fluid with a gluteraldehyde base.

Contains perfumes and dyestuffs to effectively mask faecal aroma.
Can be used in ALL chemical toilets on coaches, trains, caravans etc.

Appearance Blue
Odour Various (Cranberry / Lemon / Coconut)

As a concentrated chemical toilet fluid which can be diluted with water for use in all chemical toilets on coaches, trains, caravans etc.

The concentrate can be diluted 25 or 50ml IN 25LIT as a prime charge to an 150LIT tank. At this dilution, the product will last until emptied normally weekly. 25ml normally in the colder months, 50ml in the warmer months.

Wear protective clothing when handling . Avoid skin and eye contact. Wash any splashes off with soap and water. Irrigate eyes with clean water. For detailed health and safety information request a hazard data sheet.

1lit and 205 litres drums.

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