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PP 400

Rust and scale remover, toilet cleaner and cleans and brightens metals.

Product Description

A mild efficient product for the removal of rust stains from paint and metal work. Also used as a toilet cleaner, descaler and for the cleaning and brightening of metals such as aluminium and stainless steel. PP400 leaves a passivating film on steel, which protects against re-rusting.

Phosphoric Acid and nonionic Surfactants.


Use at a dilution of 5 to 25% (1 part in 20 to 1 in 4 with water) depending on the amount of rust/scale to be removed. Remove loose rust/scale with a stiff wire brush, and all traces of oil and grease before treatment. Apply by brush, cloth or spray or use in a dip tank(plastic, rubber-lined or stainless steel). For faster results, rub with steel wool. As soon as the surface is free of rust or scale rinse off with clean water. For descaling boilers etc. in situ pump solution of PP400 around the system for a sufficient dwell time. Rinse thoroughly with clean water. For steel, to preserve the passivation film rinse with a 2% solution of PP400. When dry, approx 30 mins, the surface is ready for priming if required.


Use at a dilution of 6-10% (1 part in 15 to 1 in 10 with water). Rinse off thoroughly with clean water after sufficient dwell time and dry off. For steel, to preserve the passivating film rinse with a 2% solution of PP400. Widely used for the cleaning of Aluminium Rolling Stock and for cleaning plate heat exchangers (not to be used on brazed heat exchangers).

RESTORATION OF GLAZED SURFACES, TOILETS, BATHS, BASINS, CONCRETE AND TERRAZZO – Ingrained dirt, calcium, magnesium and lime scale deposits, rust and uric acid stains can be quickly removed. Use at a dilution of 10%(1 parts in 10 with water). First clean the surface to remove superficial dirt and grease. Apply the solution of PP400 by mop, brush or sponge and allow to soak for at least 10 minutes. For best results agitate the surface at the same time. Finally rinse the surface thoroughly with cold water.


Take normal precautions for handling acids. PP400 must not be allowed to splash onto ropes as this can cause weakening of the fibres. Do not mix with bleach or any products containing hypochlorite. For more detailed health and safety information request a hazard data sheet.

5, 25 or 205 litre drums.

N.B. 75-81% Phosphoric Acid also available. Details on request

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