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Perfumed, Acidic Toilet Cleaner

Product Description

PR 402C is a perfumed inhibited acidic toilet cleaner for the fast and efficient removal of scale and stains from toilets and gents urinals. PR 402C contains a wetting agent to give fast penetration, and is inhibited to prevent attack on base metal. Safer than raw acids.

For the initial clean use PR 402C neat or diluted with equal parts of water. Allow to penetrate the soil before agitating with a stiff brush where necessary. Effervescence will indicate the action of PR 402C on the scale. Subsequent maintenance cleaning with PR 402C at a dilution of 10% with water will prevent heavy build up recurring. Rinse with water after use.

Take normal precautions for handling mild acids. Do not mix with bleach or any products containing hypochlorite. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Splashes to skin should be washed off with water. Contact with eyes should be rinsed out by irrigation with clean water. For detailed health and safety information request a hazard data sheet.

5 litre containers.

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