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Quick Crete

An underwater, all purpose bonding and patching compound.

Product Description

Quick Crete is a fast setting, high compressive strength compound that shows no appreciable volume change on setting. It can be applied or used in or out of water. It shows its initial set in 4/5 minutes and reaches a compressive strength of at least 3,000 psi in air and 2000 psi under water, in 24 hours. Quick Crete bonds to clean concrete, masonry, stone and steel. Quick Crete is free of calcium chloride.


Sewers, Pipework, Sea walls, Outfall pipes, Surface spall repairs, Tank repairs, Manhole lining, Inspection cover filling and fittings, Pot hole filling, Water channels etc.


To 4 or 4½ parts of Quick Crete add 1 part of water by volume. Mix thoroughly for 1/2 minutes to reach the consistency of medium soft glazing putty. Mix only quantities that can be used immediately as Quick Crete hardens in 4/8 minutes. Do not add more water or a weaker mix will result. Water used may be either fresh or sea water.

Quick Crete should then be placed in a firm manner to ensure a complete bond of the area being treated.

For deposits of Quick Crete less than ½” thick, they should be cured for 16 hours with damp sand or sprayed with a curing compound.

Thin sections on pipework etc. can be coated with damp hessian until initial cure is effected.

The finish of Quick Crete can be given a smooth, even surface by hand or machine trowelling.

Before applying Quick Crete to dry concrete masonry etc., it is suggested that they be soaked with water in order to provide a good bond to the Quick Crete itself.


Quick Crete reaches its initial set in 4½/5 minutes, can be trafficked after 30 minutes, but takes 28 days to achieve maximum strength. It is important that the water in Quick Crete is not sucked away through contact with dry concrete or allowed to prematurely evaporate through the effect of sun or wind. A damp covering of cloth, sand, etc., is effective in the latter case.


Greyish white, free flowing powder.

Mixing ratio
4/4½ parts Quick Crete to 1 part of water by volume.

Total Solids

Dry 0.9
Wet 2.7

Drying Times
Initial set 5 minutes maximum
Curing set 15/30 minutes
Overcoating time 24 hours maximum
Maximum strength 28 days


Water Absorption
1.7% after 14 days

Volume Change
Expansion after 24 hours 0.1%
Contraction after 28 days 0.01%

Compressive Strength

Air cured Water cured
(mega newtons per sq metre)
1 hour 8.3 6.5
8 hours 19.2 14.4
14 days 23.7 17.1

25 Kilo bags or tubs

For maximum life up to 2 years, store in a dry area.
We also supply Concrete additive for Pilings and masonry cleaners.

25kg makes approx 10-13Lit

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