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PCS 306


Product Description

PCS 306 is a concentrated mixture of sequestrants, surfactants and caustic alkali effective in cleaning ferrous parts of internal combustion engines such as pistons, valves and cylinder heads. PCS 306 will remove carbon, rust and lead deposits from these heavily contaminated components. PCS 306 is also used in decarbonising other components such as rubber moulds.
NOTE: PCS 306 will attack aluminium, zinc and tin and is therefore not suitable for use on these metals. PCS 306 also attacks cadmium, copper and its alloys, but at a slower rate. PCS 306 degrades plastics and paint.

In the immersion tank prepare a 25% solution of PCS 306 ( mix 1 part product with 3 parts water). Heat solution to between 80 to 900C. Immersion times will vary depending on degree of soiling (norm is between 15 to 40 minutes). Rinse parts in clean water before drying.

1. On an analytical balance weigh approximately 2 grams of the solution bath liquid. Record this weight accurately (W).
2. Dilute this weight to 100ml with distilled/demineralised water.
3. Using Hydrochloric Acid Normal 0.5 (N) solution, titrate the above mixture against & with a calibrated pH metre to an end point of pH 8.3. Record the volume used in the titration (V1).
4. Continue the titration until a pH of 3.7 is reached (CARE THE ADDITIONAL VOLUME IS MINIMAL). Record the volume of this end point (V2).

The Active Alkalinity can be calculated as follows.

Active Alkalinity = volume (V1) x 2.80 As % Potassium Hydroxide
Weight of Sample

This is the strength of the PCS306 in the bath expressed as % Potassium Hydroxide

The Total Alkalinity can be calculated as follows.

Total Alkalinity = Volume (V2) x 2.80 As % Potassium Hydroxide
Weight of Sample

When the bath is fresh the two values will be similar. Over time as carbonation and
contamination occurs the active and total alkalinity values diverge.

This can be an indication of how old and dirty the solution has become.
NOTE: PCS 306 removes oil and grease, however to prolong the life of the product remove these contaminants prior to immersion in the tank. For more information on oil and grease removers consult your representative.

PCS 306 is strongly alkaline and operators should wear protective clothing and eye shields. Splashes on the skin should be washed off with water. If splashed in the eyes, irrigate thoroughly with clean water and seek medical attention. For detailed health and safety information request a hazard data sheet.

25 and 205 litre drums.

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